My Case Studies


First Startup

I joined Enkaaz, an on-demand roadside assistance mobile application. I was an all-around marketer. We joined 4 startup programs including Flat6labs, and YC Startup School. And managed to recieve an equity free funding round from a government startup support program. And we also won two competitions during our first year.


First 1000 Customers in 78 Days at 0% Burn Rate!

I started Gamesbandy as a side hustle during the Covid quarantine, but as it grew organically, I decided to transform it from a simple gaming store to a peer-to-peer marketplace.


  • Managed marketing activities, including social media design, community engagement, partnerships, and outreach.
  • Established, managed, and optimized web servers.
  • Created, managed, and optimized web pages using WordPress and other tools.
  • Managed development activities.
  • Hired new talent to help with growth, marketing, customer support, and vendor onboarding.


  • Launched the marketplace in three days using a Whitelabel solution.
  • Onboarded 20 sellers organically within the first month.
  • Reached $1000 in sales in three weeks.
  • Spent $0 on marketing for the first six months.
  • Reached $100K in GMV within 14 months.
  • Joined a well-known startup accelerator and raised a small round of funding. More Details here.
  • Launched an organic PR campaign and featured in many startup magazines.
  • Featured twice on Bloomberg TV as the second-funded gaming startup in the MENA region. TV Interview Video.