Hidden Hideouts Proposal

My Approach to Hidden Hideouts

Marketing Channels


I would use the most budget on PPC as I think it’s the best channel for your business

Social Media

Content Strategy

I would put together a content strategy for each platform aligned with the company’s vision


Hero Image

I would use better quality background image
(For 4k+ screens)


User Interface

I would focus on images on the home page with minimum details for more clicks and a better SEO and bounce rate

Online Presence

Google Knwoledge Panel

I would take care of this panel and make necessary changes

Screenshot 2022-11-18 220109



I would prepare a plan for a blog for better search engine ranking
Backlinks/PR would help too


WordPress Optimization

I would use a CDN for the best performance anywhere in the world not just Canada
(Performance in Canda was 99%+)

Brand Image

Details Matters

I would give attention to the details
(It’s 18 Nov Already, this offer should be removed)

And more …

I spent a few minutes on this report and it’s definitely not complete