My Case Studies


Seed Funding Secured

Gamesbandy: Gaming Marketplace

First 1000 Customers in 78 Days at 0% Burn Rate!

I started Gamesbandy as a side hustle during the Covid quarantine, but as it grew organically, I decided to transform it from a simple gaming store to a peer-to-peer marketplace.


  • Managed marketing activities, including social media design, community engagement, partnerships, and outreach.
  • Established, managed, and optimized web servers.
  • Created, managed, and optimized web pages using WordPress and other tools.
  • Managed development activities.
  • Hired new talent to help with growth, marketing, customer support, and vendor onboarding.


  • Launched the marketplace in three days using a Whitelabel solution.
  • Onboarded 20 sellers organically within the first month.
  • Reached $1000 in sales in three weeks.
  • Spent $0 on marketing for the first six months.
  • Reached $100K in GMV within 14 months.
  • Joined a well-known startup accelerator and raised a small round of funding. More Details here.
  • Launched an organic PR campaign and featured in many startup magazines.
  • Featured twice on Bloomberg TV as the second-funded gaming startup in the MENA region. TV Interview Video.
CyberSecurity Startup

Simple Decision Led to 800% Increase in Conversions

Covered By NDA

A cybersecurity startup offers a testing service for bot developers.

The Challenge:

My task involved significantly growing the volume of tests conducted while aligning with the company’s culture, which prioritized targeted growth over viral strategies such as advertisements, social media, and content marketing. Additionally, I personally faced the challenge of navigating a new industry and acquiring enough knowledge about it.

The Outcome:

After dedicating two months to generating ideas, conducting researches, and trying to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience, I discovered that developers found the product great compared to competitors but slower in mass testing. So I collaborated with the DevOps specialist to plan servers restructure. Following the implementation of these changes, our test numbers began to double daily without any formal announcements, ultimately growing by 800% within four months.

Maribali: Multi-vendor Marketplace

Launched of the largest marketplace in Brunei

Maribali is a partnership project between Baiduri Bank and an agency, with the goal of constructing a cutting-edge e-commerce platform specifically tailored to meet the needs of Bruneian consumers and businesses. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, Maribali provides a seamless and efficient online shopping experience. They hired me as temporary general manager to lead the launch.


  • Led the team of 7 members assigned to this project
  • Acted as a product manager with the tech team, fixed the technology, and introduced new solutions
  • Organized the logistics and partnerships activities,
  • Hired a visual designer and worked with them during the launch period
  • Planned for launch marketing materials and activities


  • Launched the marketplace in under 60 days
  • Scaled the marketplace technology acceptance
  • Closed three logistics partnerships
  • Created all support processes and helpdesk materials
  • Enhanced the overall UI/UX for both vendors and customers
Furniture Hub: Furniture E-commerce

Scalable Technology Under $2000

Furniture Hub is a local store that specializes in home decor and appliances, but their MVP-level technology wasn’t suitable for growth, so they assigned me a limited budget to enhance their technology.


  • Conducted deep research and carefully selected a starting point
  • Purchased a marketplace e-commerce script
  • Put together a plan for customization and optimization
  • Hired a developer and sent a detailed scope of work


  • Launched the new website in 45 days
  • Introduced a completely new UI/UX design that perfectly fit their business
  • Fixed all on-page SEO issues and slightly enhanced its ranking
Raaed: Platform for Entrepreneurs

A Side Hustle with Huge Growth Opportunities: Built at $0!

Raaed is a launchpad for entrepreneurial success by offering the necessary support, resources, and connections that startup founders and entrepreneurs need to turn ideas into impactful ventures.

Core offering:

  • Investors Directory: A list of 2300+ regional angel investors, incubators, accelerators, VCs, etc.
  • Startups Perks: $500K worth of exclusive offers, credits, and discounts from top providers like AWS, Stripe, Google, and 330+ more perks.
  • Success Checklist: Practical checklist of 100 steps on how to build a successful business from idea to growth.
  • Funding Navigator: Clear steps for the fundraising process, with recommendations depending on the stage and the resources.
  • Templates: A ready made template for all investment data room components. Pitch Deck, Business Model Canvas, Cap Table, etc.

Achievements (So far):

  • Just launched, and made a few sales.
  • More achievements soon 😉
SaaS Startup Accelerator

Increased the Offer Value by 400%

A B2B SaaS startup accelerator (Large scale coaching program) hired me to increase the offering value for startups and convert more startups to join their program.


  • Conducted research to learn about their current and previous offerings, as well as how they acquire new clients/startups.
  • Proposed an arrangement that would allow them to offer startups joining their program a total of $500K in perks and discounts with tools including AWS, Hubspot, Notion, Stripe, and more.
  • Built a process that enables them to collect financial data like sales and revenues from their startups to continue improving their offering.


  • Successfully increased the offering value by 400% for startups and improved their chances of joining the program.
  • Attracted new startups to the accelerator program.
  • Enabled the accelerator to collect valuable financial data from their startups to improve their offering further.
Web3.0 Platform

Complete Front-End Design in 36 Hours

Covered By NDA

A web3 platform faced a critical challenge as its front-end developer disappeared, leaving them without a front-end design for their MVP. With only four days remaining to link the front end to the back end, and the wireframes available only on paper, they needed an urgent solution to complete the project.


  • I took the wireframes, summarized them, and posted job listings on various platforms, including LinkedIn, Upwork, and local social media groups.
  • After a quick search, a local front-end developer was hired, and I worked closely with him page by page.


  • Successfully found a local front-end developer to hire within a short time.
  • Managed to summarize the wireframes and communicate the vision effectively to the new front-end developer.
  • Delivered the first draft within a tight deadline, ensuring the MVP was launched on time.
Crowdfunding Agency

Increasing Efficiency, and Helping in Operations

Covered By NDA

I’ve worked with a specialized agency that assists startups in developing crowdfunding campaigns and related activities, including market research, media buying, email marketing, content creation, and pitch deck development.


  • Oversee project management from start to finish, ensuring timely and within budget completion of all tasks
  • Coordinate with team members to develop and execute effective marketing strategies
  • Collaborate with content creators to produce high-quality content
  • Hire and manage contractors and part-time workers

Achievements So Far:

  • Streamlined the agency’s project management process and Improved work efficiency
  • Reduced the hiring costs by at least 60% by hiring local contractors
  • Reduced the workload of the agency’s founders, allowing them to focus on sales