Hi, I'm Abdulrahman, 30, currently based in Mansoura, Egypt.

Constantly innovate ideas and build startups!

Seeking to be inspired, create remarkable things, and be surrounded by those who bring out the best in me.

Intrigued by marketing, business, tech, travel, digital art, and video games.

Building startups is my passion, my latest project was Gamesbandy, an online platform to help gamers trade their gaming items with each other.

And previously, I've been lucky to be part of early-stage startup (Enkaaz, Roadside assistance app), I was leading the marketing efforts.

Before that, Marketing Brand Lead at The Nickel Ride, Digital Project Manager at Evolution Business, and a few more marketing and design positions in startups and agencies.

Before 2016, I have been creating small mindless businesses no need to be mentioned here :)